GDI team elite

Income For Life


Brief explanation of how the Team Elite system works

  1. You join our team ~ Our GDI Team.
  2. We place you in a collective advertising system ~ FREE (No charge to be on our team)
  3. Everyone in the team, groups of six, advertise together, one common splash page to gain prospects.
  4. To be eligible for signups you must maintain 1000 hits or more, every week, until you get six placements under you.
  5. Your team leader monitors your hits.. If you don't hit your quota, you get no signups sent your way.
  6. If you hit your quota every week, you can expect to get your six downline members quickly.
GDI subscription costs $10 per month. GDI Team Elite membership is Free!

Team Advertising Benefits All

Your team leader co-ordinates everything, and works hard to get you started.

Once you have your six, we then teach you how to become a team leader, set up your own system, and you will be off and running, exploding your business.

We never abandon you and always help, and train.

We have no competition out there. Nobody offer this for FREE!